Unable to access CouchDB’s Futon remotely

I’d set up CouchDB on one of my development servers to play around with. Part of that involved messing with Futon, which is CouchDB’s web interface. For some reason however I was unable to access the interface from my local machine.

Running netstat -an | grep 5984 showed CouchDB to be bound to, therefore I couldn’t access it remotely. After changing that configuration setting (in local.ini) and CouchDB I was still unable to access it.

It turns out that until you stop/kill the Erlang process that CouchDB runs on, it won’t reload the config file.

To achieve that:

Find the process number that Erlang/Beam is running on

ps ax | grep beam

Kill the process


Restart CouchDB

/etc/init.d/couchdb restart

And it should now have reloaded your config file.

Answer initially found from this StackOverflow Question.


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